Executive Protection

We provide executive protection service, including limousine, EP drivers and EP specialists. Experienced English speaking local EP drivers and EP specialists are well selected for the clients for each temporary or long term assignment in China or other countries around the world. Our strength in this field lies in the professional experience and proven integrity of our personnel. We are able to offer our clients a comprehensive and proactive solution to best meet their individual requirements.

Red Team Operation

SP Red Team Service is the process of using tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to emulate real-world threats to train and measure the effectiveness of the people, processes, and technology used to defend environments. Built on the fundamentals of penetration testing, Red Teaming uses a comprehensive approach to gain insight into an organization's overall security to test its ability to detect, respond to, and recover from an attack. When properly conducted, Red Team activities significantly improve an organization's security controls, help hone defensive capabilities, and measure the effectiveness of security operations.

Crisis Management

We help clients to establish well designed Crisis Management System and Plan. Meanwhile, with resources, expertise knowledge and know-how, we manage crisis for our client to ensure the security of our client's people and asset during special and critical period.

Risk Assessment

We do Risk Assessment for our client's office, factory, construction site and residence. Risk Assessment focus on three primary factors: vulnerability, probability, and negative impact. Is your organization vulnerable to a particular threat? What would be the negative impact if such an incident were to occur? Finally, what is the likelihood that a particular situation could threaten your staff, customers, and/or property? A thorough and professional risk assessment will help an organiation fully undertand these questions. 


We provide the following training topics to our clients: Physical Security, Security Management, Crisis Management, Risk Assessment, Travel Security, Defensive Driving, Security Awareness, Executive Protection, Fraud Examination, Investigation and Personal Security.


Fraud examination

Due Diligence

Background check

Theft investigation

Counter Surveillance and  Electronic Sweeping


Emergency Response

Or, whenever our clients encounter with an unexpected emergency, we provide emegency response services.

Event Security

We provide Event Security solutions, from risk assessment, consulting, security deployment and contingency planning.

Travel Security Information Services

Some of our valued clients just need security advices and tips before they travel to another country or city.

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